Full Ceramic Coated Expansion Chamber Exhaust System to fit GT750 (1972-1973)

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Product Description

  • Upgrading your bike's exhaust system is a great way to build horsepower, free up trapped torque, and restore the glory of the factory systems. The pipes, mufflers, and resonators of a well-designed exhaust system can make a world of difference on your vehicle.
  • This aftermarket GT750 exhaust system is lighter than the OEM system, enhances power, and allows for better cooling.
  • All collars, mounting brackets, and baffles are included as pictured.
  • The center stand is not compatible with this exhaust and must be removed.
  • All Delkevic complete exhaust systems have a 12-Month Guarantee.
  • We highly recommend a dyno after this exhaust is installed, especially with other modifications to the airflow.  Adjusting the carbs may or may not be necessary depending on the bike, the dyno results will show if rejetting is necessary, and by how much.