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This varies on what you’re trying to achieve. A general rule to follow is shorter mufflers tend to improve top-end performance, while longer mufflers perform better throughout the RPM range.

The main differences are sound, performance, and aesthetic. If you want a louder, more aggressive tone characteristic a short muffler is the best option. Material does not impact sound or performance, however, carbon fiber will dissipate heat much more efficiently.

Legality of aftermarket exhaust systems, including noise regulations and emissions compliance, are at the discretion of your local, state, and federal government. Delkevic makes no representation that are products are compliant outside of BSAU regulations.

Warranty validity questions should be directed to the motorcycle manufacturer or warranty provider. Delkevic is not liable for any included or purchased warranties from your dealership.

All Delkevic products are produced from 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel, unless otherwise specified on the listing. We utilize carbon fiber, titanium, and composites for some silencers, end caps, and auxiliary components.

Delkevic does not print out and include hard copies of specific fitting guides for any products. A generic fitting guide may be included with your order. If this is not sufficient, some specific fitting guides can be located on our website. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at If you are having problems, it is best to include photos and a detailed description of the issues you’re experiencing in your initial contact for a most expeditious solution.

Aftermarket exhausts enhance the note that your engine. An exhaust cannot make a parallel twin motor sound like a V4. A general rule with Delkevic exhaust options is the shorter the muffler is the louder it will be.

Delkevic exhausts are dyno tested with stock mapping or carbureting on stock motorcycles for a true plug and play experience. Additional modifications to the intake, pare valves, etc. will likely result in the necessity to tune. Existing issues can certainly be exacerbated by installing an exhaust system.

Delkevic exhausts are fiberglass packed and will require intermittent repacking. Bike type and riding style will impact the frequency severely. High revving single and parallel twins will require packing more frequently than an in-line four cylinder. Revving your motorcycle to the point that it is shooting flames, glowing red, etc. will destroy the muffler and it will fail.

Delkevic US is a boutique motorcycle exhaust company. We engineer, manufacture, and distribute our products direct to consumer. We do not have an answering service, and we are not available 24/7/365. We do our best to get to every customer who reaches out, but it is best to contact us by email. Please include your phone number with your inquiry, if it is something we can’t explain by email we will do our best to call you as soon as we are able.


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