Delkevic Dual 16" Exhaust w/ Bull Nose Tips for THRUXTON 1200 R/RS 16-22

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Product Description

  • This Delkevic exhaust is manufactured to meet the high quality standard and design criteria as customers have come to appreciate at an unbeatable value. The attention to detail ensures fit and performance giving you a product that has proven to stand the test of time at an unbelievable price.
  • This system consist of the highest quality components and comes complete with all gaskets and fittings. Everything shown in the listing photo is included with the system at the listing price.
  • Delkevic polished stainless steel custom cruiser silencers are a result of years of collaboration between Delkevic USA and the UK R&D department, and have been extensively developed for the discerning custom cruiser market. The result is a unique, sleek, and acoustically dynamic silencer featuring a carbon fiber ferrule and multiple interchangeable outlets; each with their own design characteristics.
  • It is characteristic of stainless steel to change colors as it is introduced to the extreme temperatures of exhaust gases. Please be sure to investigate and follow all stainless steel care information.
  • The weight of the muffler is 1.9 lb / 0.86 kg.
  • We manufacture our exhaust products in a purpose-designed factory where we employ stringent quality control procedures to maintain our high standard of production to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • All Delkevic complete exhaust systems have a 12-Month Guarantee.
  • No rejetting or remapping is required after fitment however we always recommend a dyno test after fitting replacement exhaust parts to your motorcycle. If there have been additional modifications from other aftermarket manufacturers, we cannot guarantee compatibility.
  • If ordering from outside of the United States, recipients are responsible any applicable tax and duty for importing into their respective country. Please ensure to include valid contact information for tax collection. Delkevic is not responsible for refunding orders that are abandoned due to non payment of import taxes.