Delkevic CB500 FOUR 71-73 / CB550 FOUR 74-76 / COMPLETE OEM REPLICA 4 into 4 CHROME EXHAUST


  • This is an OEM replica for the CB500 & CB550K models. This is not compatible with the CB550F SuperSport model without modification to the brackets. We do not have modified brackets to supply for fitment to the CB550F SuperSport model.
  • This item is currently available for preorder. We anticipate shipping availability in Mid-Late April 2024.
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  • The attention to detail ensures fit and performance giving you a product that has proven to stand the test of time at an unbelievable price.
  • All necessary components are supplied with the exhaust, where applicable.
  • We manufacture all our exhaust components in our factory employing the most stringent quality control procedures ensuring repeated customer satisfaction.
  • Please be aware that for any product purchased that is to be used outside the UK, we are not able to guarantee and/or advise you as to whether the product will be suitable for such use and/or if it meets local regulatory requirements such as e-Marking, TUV or other such type approval. Please be sure to make the necessary local inquiries before purchasing.
  • For customers outside of the United States, please investigate any applicable tax and duties for importing goods into your respective territory. Shipping costs that populate at time of checkout are NOT taxes. Taxes will be brokered and collected by the courier prior to delivery.
  • All Delkevic accessories have a 12 month guarantee.
  • No jetting is required after fitment if fitted to a stock motorcycle. If previous alterations to jetting or intake have been made, you will want to consider the fact that a dyno and jetting may be required.

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