Full System to fit GS500E/F (1989-2002 ) with DL10 Stubby 14" Carbon Fiber Round Muffler and Stainless Steel 2-1 Headers

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Product Description

GS500 (1989-2009) GS500F (2003-2009) GS500E (1989-2009)
DL10 14" Carbon Fiber Round Muffler

This set includes ALL the items in the component parts photo.

  • Fits all GS500 (1989-2009) GS500F (2003-2009) GS500E (1989-2009) models.
  • This product includes-Delkevic down pipes, link pipe, slip-on muffler with a removable baffle, strap, clamps, and gaskets
  • We manufacture all our exhaust products in our purpose-designed factory where we employ stringent quality control procedures to maintain our high standard of production to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Delkevic DL10 14 inch *Stubby* round carbon fiber mufflers have a round composite carbon fiber sleeve with a mirror finish stainless steel end cap. This design uses the immensely popular mini muffler's slash cut polished outlet but with the internals of the British Standard road legal silencer with the baffle in. All Delkevic mufflers include a removable baffle / DB killer giving more free flow of the exhaust gases (more BHP) and a deeper more throaty sound when removed.
  • The weight of the muffler is 3.350 lb / 1.520 kg.
  • All Delkevic silencers have a 12-Month Guarantee.
  • No rejetting or remapping is required after fitment however we always recommend a dyno test after fitting replacement parts to your motorcycle